Dwight Shrute3:59 PM
I'm sick of this office thing.
The Donald4:05 PM
You're fired!
Dwight Shrute4:06 PM
Haha, just kidding Don! πŸ€“

Send snaps in Slack πŸ‘»

Spice up your team’s life & goπŸ˜‚by sending disappearing messages in Slack with the /slapsnack command.

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F**k Productivity! ✊

Life is more fun when you live in the moment 😎

Just use /slapsnack to send useless messages, pictures and gifs to your teammates. They will disappear after a few seconds!

Don’t worry we won’t ever store or re-use your messages mostly because we don’t care (and our servers couldn’t handle it).

Of course it’s completely free.
Forever. Promised. Enjoy!

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